Regional Rodeos

***Schedule is currently being updated.. please check back often for updates in the schedule***

The CORRECT EMAIL for the 4H Secretary Email address is  Please be sure to use this email regardless of what is on any Entry Forms!

The  deadline to notify the 4H Secretary if you will NOT be attending 4H State Finals is August 1, 2020!  This is regardless of what any entry from says!

2020 Regional Rodeo Schedule

Rodeo DateRodeo NameLocationStart TimeContactDeadlineEntryAmbassadorScholarshipResults
May 24Dewey County 4-H RodeoTimber Lake10:00AMJada Kraft 848-2495
May 30Pennington Co. 4-H RodeoWall9:00AM MDTCole/Bekki Reinert 515-4445
June 21Southwest SD 4-H RodeoHermosa12:00PMElizabeth Smith 381-2547;
Tom Heitsch 391-7065
Form is
attached to Entry Form
June 26Meade County 4-H RodeoFaith9:00AMElke King 484-5312
June 26Burke 4-H RodeoBurke9:00AMKasey Hanson 831-9854
June 27Burke 4-H RodeoBurke9:00AMKasey Hanson 831-9854
Perkins County 4-H RodeoBison10:00AM MDTShannon Carmichael
June 28Hyde-Hand 4-H RodeoHighmore9:00AM CDTAmy Hoffman 852-2330/
Hub 4-H RodeoAberdeen9:45AM
Kristen Gonsoir 380-7066
Hub 4-H RodeoAberdeen9:00AMKristen Gonsoir 380-7066
July 10Mellette County 4-H RodeoWhite River10:00AM CDTLorena Hight 259-3667/
July 11Bennett County 4-H RodeoMartin10:00AM MDTMary Kay Sell 455-2120/
July 11Harding County 4-H RodeoBuffalo9:00AM MDTBarb Williams 210-0379
July 12Butte 4-H RodeoBelle Fourche9:00AM MDTTami Ryan 307-896-3811
July 11Eastern Dakota RegionalWatertown9:00AM CDTKathy Monnens 628-2310
July 12Eastern Dakota RegionalWatertown9:00AMKathy Monnens 628-2310
July 11Ziebach Co. 4-H RodeoDupree4:00 PM MDTMark Stevens 605-365-6308
July 12Ziebach Co. 4-H RodeoDupree9:00 AM MDTMark Stevens 605-365-6308
July 12Haakon/Jackson Co. 4-H RodeoKadoka10:00AM MDTJessica Magelky 695-5371/
July 17Tripp Co. 4-H RodeoWinner10:00AM CDTPenny Heenan 840-1354/842-0985Form is attached to Entry Form
July 18Brule Co. 4-H RodeoChamberlain9:00AM CDTBrenda Reis 234-6247
July 18Heartland 4-H RodeoHuron10:00AM CDTJoy Meyer 350-2924/352-5597
July 19Heartland 4-H RodeoHuron10:00AM CDTJoy Meyer 350-2924/352-5597
July 18Blunt 4-H RodeoBlunt9:30AM CDTJackie Mercer 222-2316
after 6pm
July 19Blunt 4-H RodeoBlunt9:30 AM CDTJackie Mercer 222-2316
after 6pm
July 19South Central SD 4-H RodeoKennebec8:00AM MDTMargo Mitchell 895-2541/
July 25Clark Co. 4-H RodeoClark10:00AM CDTKristine DeBerg 881-7521
July 26Clark Co. 4-H RodeoClark9:00AM CDTKristine DeBerg 881-7521
July 25NURC 4-H RodeoNew Underwood10:00AM MDTJustin Robertson 393-1769
July 26NURC 4-H RodeoNew Underwood10:00A MDTJustin Robertson 393-1769
August 1Central SD 4-H RodeoFt. Pierre9:00AM CDTKarrie Geffre 280-9448
August 2Central SD 4-H RodeoFt. Pierre9:00AM CDTKarrie Geffre 280-9448
Sioux Empire 4-H RodeoSioux Falls9:00AM CDTCammy Larson 360-3492
Sioux Empire 4-H RodeoSioux Falls9:00AM CDTCammy Larson 360-3492
Glacial Lakes 4-H RodeoSisseton10:00AM CDTKelly Hanson 268-4514`
August 14, 15 & 16State Finals 4-H RodeoFt. PierreCDTKim Larson 280-4217

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